How we help


Many people have marvellous business ideas but few take the important step to turn their idea into a business. In many cases this may be due to financial reasons or perhaps a lack of confidence, especially in the current economic climate.

My Marvellous Business offers a new approach to supporting start-up businesses. Run by people who are passionate about business and have successfully started and grown their own, we are able to provide the vital support and funding needed to turn marvellous ideas into marvellous businesses.

We help turn ideas into realistic business plans, providing a range of expertise including financial forecasting. We support our marvellous businesses on an ongoing basis and are always available to talk through business issues as they arise or at our regular scheduled meetings. Sometimes Start-up businesses do not have the resources or expertise for all aspects of the business. We provide a range of cost effective services to help including book-keeping, administration and marketing. Most importantly, through the My Marvellous Business Investor network, we are able to support businesses raise the necessary investment capital.